Be persistent. Have grit.

Hello my precious girls. I love you.

There are some important truths when it comes to exploiting all this life has to offer. It really is an ever-learning journey. Many lessons are disguised as hardship. Fear points us to an easier route. In the end, you can comfortable, or you can unleash every bit of your potential, but not both. I want you girls to slay the work God put you on this Earth to do. It’s time to get gritty.       

Babe Ruth once said: “It’s hard to beat someone who doesn’t give up.” Imagine that. Never giving up. In other words, persisting.  It’s critical because we will fail. We will be told “no.” Again and again. At the time of this writing, the number of email subscribers I have to my blog is in the single digits. But I want to be a writer. I want to help people. I believe these ideas can be a positive spark as other moms craft their parenting journey.  So, I will continue. I will work to learn this new world of writing, with all its grammatical annoyances. I’ll learn about WordPress widgets and blogging analytics. I will learn about driving engagement, make adjustments and press on.  

To my knowledge, no one has been able to nail down exactly how to develop grittiness. Perhaps this is because it is not a factor, but rather a formula of attitude, risk tolerance and a willingness to work. There is a passion to it. An unwillingness to allow a set-back end the story. Overcoming failure is grit’s cornerstone. Look up the back-story of any highly successful person and you will find a string of failures followed by a refusal to call it quits. The average entrepreneur fails over three times before finding success. What would our world look like if we didn’t have gritty people brush off disappointment and go on to create Microsoft, Disneyworld, the lightbulb or Starbucks? Failure is the unmatched (and admittedly roughest) way to learn.

I cherish my time at Procter & Gamble. Did I get the P&G internship after my first year of grad school? Nope. Was I disappointed to be rejected by my #1? Utterly. Looking back, I wasn’t ready. Had I secured that internship; I may not have performed well enough to get a full-time offer. I grew leaps and bounds through a Dell internship instead. That derail powered my ability to nail P&G’s recruiting process the next time around. “No” is a bump, not the end. Adopt a gritty lifestyle and astonish yourself with where it takes you. Grit offers another massive benefit as well . . .  peace.    

Your grit, just like your character and work ethic, is a giant security blanket. You have certainty that in all circumstances, you can count on you. You feel settled, even if things get a bit shaky. You become unstoppable in pursuit of your goals. You recognize many routes can lead to your dream. You strengthen your relationship with our Lord as you trust in him in the midst of uncertainty. You gain peace as you embrace the process. I want to end with a precious story from when you were quite little.    

Annie, you were six and Isabel was three. Isabel said that something was too hard. You responded: “Well, sorry. You are part of our family and our family doesn’t give up!” I hope you embrace this perspective all the days of your life. And so, my potential-bursting ladies, use “no” as a springboard. Suck every bit of learning from each setback you experience. Be willing to fail. Then persist. Try again. Keep going. Be resilient. Be gritty.  You will see amazing things happen.

All my love,


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