I see you full-time mom

Hello my sunshines:

Awhile back, I wrote a little piece for full-time moms in the hopes that relating to any of my thoughts could provide some light during the inevitable difficult moments that come up over the course of sunrise to sunset days with littles. There is zero intent of any kind of knock toward employed moms, to whom I am greatly indebted. In fact, not all thoughts I’ve listed here are exclusive to full-time moms by any means. If you find yourself a full-time mom, know that I see you. Here is the piece. All my love, Mom

I see you full-time mom. I see you holding your ground despite the oncoming tantrum after an endless day. I see you cleaning … and picking up … and scrubbing … and organizing … and planning.  I see you volunteering. I see you sacrificing the nice car, organic food, and a portion of your sanity for more teaching moments, post-disappointment hugs, and real-time modeling on how to handle life’s challenges. I see you foregoing praise or accolades of any kind. I see you letting go of financial independence. I see you pause and reflect when filling out the “occupation” question on medical forms. I see you going way beyond the minimum despite the absence of an accountability push. I see you agreeing to the bedtime cuddle request despite the strongest of desires to clock out for the day. I see you toiling over how to strike the balance between exploring new activities and allowing for boredom (which you learned was really important from hours of self-led mom schooling). I see you looking at your mom peers and wondering if you’re doing it right. I see you researching kindergarten readiness check-lists and scouring education websites for ways to help your children grow. I see you working on a side-hustle you are passionate about, only to get delayed by the needs of your family time after time. I see you maintaining your strength when your husband inadvertently pulls the income provider power card. I see you scouring the library for books that provide lessons on character, patience, feelings, and a myriad of life’s intangible lessons. I see you raising children that may one day lift a depressed spirit because you have implanted the love of Jesus in their soul. I see you pouring your experience into them, working to discover their unique, God-given purpose. I see you molding children that will provide the world with encouragement, hope, and life-changing talent. I see you passing on your work ethic, resilience, and perspective on the preciousness and purpose of life. I see you building character. I see you lifting up the world with your work. I see you full-time mom. And you are cherished.

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