Be disciplined. Do it anyway.

Hello my Sunshines. I love you. As your loving, hoping, dreaming, praying, completely invested mom, I want to see you shining your light as far, wide and brightly as humanly possible. I want you to have choices. I want to see you excel in whatever you choose to take on. I want to see you… Continue reading Be disciplined. Do it anyway.


Be intentional. Have a mission.

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before. I was sitting in what came to be the best corporate training session I have ever attended, feeling pretty good about my life. I had trained super hard to earn an athletic scholarship at Purdue, studied hard to earn both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five… Continue reading Be intentional. Have a mission.


Do you want to be right… or do you want to be effective?

“Efficiency is for machines, effectiveness for people” Stephen Covey Hello ladies! One life-reality that can be both an incredible challenge, yet fundamentally critical to any glimmer of success or happiness is effectively working with other people. This is probably the single most important skill you can master to thrive on the job and at home.… Continue reading Do you want to be right… or do you want to be effective?


The best exercise “gadget”

“We can’t be expert in everything . . . but we can seek the expertise of others to go beyond where we are capable of taking ourselves.” Lori Arnold Today I challenge you to really think outside the hypothetical box of fitness: the expensive personal training sessions, the in-home DVDs, the classes and machines at… Continue reading The best exercise “gadget”


Narrow the give-a-rip gap

Hello my precious girls! Today I had a thought. If I learned that next week would be my last on Earth, what do I want you to know? My first thought was how I love you more than you will ever, ever comprehend. Then my mind flooded with the seemingly endless things I want to… Continue reading Narrow the give-a-rip gap