Go Get Em Grad!

The advice I wish I had received (or listened to) as a high school graduate

Be persistent. Have grit.

Hello my precious girls. I love you. There are some important truths when it comes to exploiting all this life has to offer. It really is an ever-learning journey. Many lessons are disguised as hardship. Fear points us to an easier route. In the end, you can comfortable, or you can unleash every bit ofContinue reading “Be persistent. Have grit.”

Be your best

Hello my precious children. I love you. “Keep being your best.” It’s a mainstay in our conversations. But why? Our character, who we are at our core, touches every aspect of our lives and the world around us. How we treat others. How we react to unfairness. How we deal with disappointments. How we dealContinue reading “Be your best”

Choose friends wisely

Hello my beautiful bells. I say “beautiful” to bring intentional focus, not to your twinkling eyes or contagious smiles, but rather your beautiful hearts. You both are ingrained with kindness and a glorious spirit. You are full of hope, optimism and curiosity. Fiercely protect this God-given goodness within you. We are greatly influenced by theContinue reading “Choose friends wisely”

Pride and humility

Hello my irreplaceable girls. I love you. My thoughts for today are just ginormous. Ginormous because this is an area that has cast a gray cloud over far too many years of my life. Pride. Pride is this sneaky thing that affects us without us even knowing it. It ultimately pushes us to reject feedback,Continue reading “Pride and humility”

Be a happy adult. Look backward.

Hello my precious girls. I love you. Researchers have found that an important factor to being a well-adjusted adult is the ability to reflect upon your childhood experiences and connect how those might be influencing you as an adult. Well, I apologize. I really am sorry for some of my personality flaws that may haveContinue reading “Be a happy adult. Look backward.”

Be disciplined. Do it anyway.

Hello my Sunshines. I love you. As your loving, hoping, dreaming, praying, completely invested mom, I want to see you shining your light as far, wide and brightly as humanly possible. I want you to have choices. I want to see you excel in whatever you choose to take on. I want to see youContinue reading “Be disciplined. Do it anyway.”

Be intentional. Have a mission.

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before. I was sitting in what came to be the best corporate training session I have ever attended, feeling pretty good about my life. I had trained super hard to earn an athletic scholarship at Purdue, studied hard to earn both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in fiveContinue reading “Be intentional. Have a mission.”