I want my children to be happy. I want them to be resilient, kind, motivated, selfless and humble. I dream they will become confident, faithful, healthy, strong, hopeful, grounded and successful. I want them to thrive. I recognize the challenges, roadblocks, and tough days they will face hold much power to ultimately lead them to the awesome life I envision. Still, I am capturing the lessons life has offered me thus far in hopes it will plant seeds. Seeds that will sprout in our kids lives at just the right time, helping them grow according to God’s unique plan for each of their lives.

I write directly to my kids about being intentional, narrowing the “give a rip” gap, big business’s (desired) impact on our lives, pride, humility, expectations, prayer and much more. I’ll also get a little personal trainer-ish and talk about nutrition, health hurdles and smart exercise. And for their older years, I share thoughts I hope might help my girls avoid the early motherhood pitfalls I fell into including massive marital strain, discipline and the phases of motherhood.

I write these letters for my kids and share it with the aspiration that you may find a useful or uplifting idea or two as you raise your precious children. I truly hope the information I’ve captured will help you as you tackle the hardest, most rewarding, and massively impactful job of mothering. And, on a bit of a selfish note, I hope to learn how I can do this mom thing better with insights you share with me too.

THANK YOU for being here.

xo, Lori

My Favorite Quotes

“I resolve never to let my fear of loss overwhelm my excitement for gain”


“To whom much is given, much is required”

Luke 12:48

“A desire to fit in will make you invisible”

Jim Carrey