Messing up; saying sorry

Hello strong girls: This is a brief story I entered in a Parents Magazine writing contest. The topic was parenting wins. I didn’t win . . . but it was a story I wanted to share none-the-less.   As happens throughout young motherhood, it was the “if it rains, it pours” scenario.  As you know, I’m… Continue reading Messing up; saying sorry


Be persistent. Have grit.

Hello my precious girls. I love you. There are some important truths when it comes to exploiting all this life has to offer. It really is an ever-learning journey. Many lessons are disguised as hardship. Fear points us to an easier route. In the end, you can comfortable, or you can unleash every bit of… Continue reading Be persistent. Have grit.


Pride and humility

Hello my irreplaceable girls. I love you. My thoughts for today are just ginormous. Ginormous because this is an area that has cast a gray cloud over far too many years of my life. Pride. Pride is this sneaky thing that affects us without us even knowing it. It ultimately pushes us to reject feedback,… Continue reading Pride and humility